The Snider Group has installed multiple large box culverts and three-sided structures for applications as stream crossings and pedestrian walkways under roads.  We have adopted a fast, efficient method to install these structures that expedites the backfill process and limits environmental risks often associated with these installations.

As one of the first companies in Central Indiana to own and operate a slip form curb machine back in the 1960's, The Snider Group brings generations of experience and expertise in the placement of strong and well finished curb that has smooth grade transitions and clean lines..

Erosion Control 

Machine-Pour Curb & Custom Flatwork

Soil Stabilization 


Underground Construction 

​​​The Snider Group Inc. 

Box Culverts and Three-sided Structures

The final operation for most jobs is the placement of the asphalt pavement.  The clean, smooth surface is the finishing touch to what is really a system of stabilized base, storm piping and inlets, structure backfill, sub-surface drainage, aggregate and curb.  We partner only with Central Indiana's best paving contractors to combine all these systems together to build the best road we can provide.

We base our success on being more than just a construction company.  More and more of our customers are turning to The Snider Group Inc. for our distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques.  Our group offers a single source solution for the customer and have established a standard of excellence that is well recognized in the market area we serve.

Asphalt Paving Roads & Paths

With a fleet of over a dozen earth hauling pieces as well as a full compliment of support dozers, compactors, rollers and discs, we are capable of excavating and compacting large quantities of earth in short timeframes which enables us to take full advantage of the limited weather conditions in central Indiana that lends itself to earthmoving operations.


Having seen many types of soil conditions and provided soil stabilization for hundreds of jobs, we have experience in and can help you and your soils engineer arrive at the most economical solution to soft soil issues.  Whether its lime fines, soil cement or slurry, we have done it before and know the nuances of the various methods.

Our capacity to install underground utilities is wide ranged.  We install a full array of utilities from sub-surface drainage systems and dry utility conduit using small excavators and trenchers to laying sewers in excess of 30 feet in depth with large excavators and a full compliment of safety boxes and shoring needed in high depth situations.

Controlling erosion is a vital aspect of nearly all of our operations.  The use of mechanical best management practices along with temporary and permanent seeding are implemented on our projects from day one through to final completion.